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Selling Cookeville Since 1972

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Susan Hogan


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Helping people find homes for over 34 years

  • Susan brings over 30 years of full-time real estate experience to every transaction.
  • When you step into her office, you feel like you are stepping into her home and you will feel at home.
  • When you buy a home through Susan, you know that you and your transaction are being handled with care.
  • She provides help, not pressure. She knows how to listen.
  • She knows the Cookeville community like the back of her hand and she enjoys introducing newcomers to it.
  • American Way “Salesperson of the Year” honors went to Susan in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.
  • Previous honors include recognition as Realtor Associate of the Year, BPW Woman of the Year, BPW Business Woman of the Year, Who’s Who in Residential Real Estate, and American Way’s Best Team Player. She is a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Club.
  • Susan is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Mercer University and has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Tulane University.
  • When she isn’t immersed in Real Estate, she likes to do nothing, to read, to antique, to fantasize about far-away places.


"Now I know why everyone wants 'YOU' to be their real estate agent. Millions of thanks to you."

Rumi and Jackie

"We have had others whom we've dealt with over the years, but you are by far the best at what you do! You stayed on top of things from day one and your professionalism shows in your work."

Brad and Laura

"Charm, expert, dignity, wit, and humor are a few descriptors that we ascribe to you. We love our 'new' home. Thank you for your very successful efforts..."

Pat and Sid

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and worry for us. Rick and I really do appreciate you."

Rick and Bev

"Thank you again for all the hard work you did for us. We certainly chose the perfect Realtor."

Buddy and Mary Alice

"Your care and concern kept me going, and, in the end, helped me find exactly the right home for me."


"You know you're number one with us and we tell everyone that. Thank you for being there each time we call you."

John and Cindy

"We do appreciate your going the extra mile. So few people do that.",

Bill and Juanita

"You are a gem of gems and you win the award of excellence for outstanding service through your immediate actions and your day-to-day communication."

Rick and Joyce

"You have been the sweetest, most giving Realtor we have ever worked with. So many times, you have totally gone out of your way and probably inconvenienced yourself many times just to help us and work with us on the spur of the moment..."


"We had five towns to visit and saw several houses. Cookeville was the fourth town we looked at and it just felt right. We found a wonderful Realtor and the rest is history!....We have truly found God's country. It is beautiful her."

Larry and Pat

"We want to say thank you for all your help in buying this wonderful home. Your patience, warmth and professionalism made this process much less stressful"

Melanie and Josh

"You knew exactly what we were looking for so it was easy on us. Thanks for your patience as well. Driving around with a 2 year old and a newborn is not an easy task. You handled it so well - with grace and a smile."

Chris and Jennifer

"I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, hospitality and friendly approach. You were always there whenever I needed your help. God Bless."


"You always found a block of time to fit my schedule and I felt like you immediately got a feel for what I wanted. Your constant availability was a blessing, especially as we were down to the wire on time."


"We feel that you were the one that made things run so smoothly. You kept in touch almost every day and we were certainly didn't feel neglected. So many people complain about their Realtors but we had no complaints. You treated us very well."

Harvey and Anne

"We cannot thank you enough for all your help and advice. It certainly is making our relocation to Cookeville so much easier. You ahve been so much more than a real estate agent to our family."

Anne and Bernard

"You are a gem - heartfelt thanks from both of us."

Ginny and Wayne

"Thanks! For your amazing dedication."


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