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Patricia Huddleston

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Whether you are buying or selling I want to be your Realtor. I have been selling Real Estate at American-Way Real Estate since 2004. Buying and selling a home or maybe purchasing land to build a home is a very important decision. having almost 15 years experience as a Duputy Assessor in the Putnam County Assessor’s Office give me the expertise you will need in purchasing or selling your home or land since I worked in the office that assesses the value of your property for your property taxes. During my stay at the Courthouse I worked daily with the Register of Deeds where your Warranty Deed for your property is registered and also with the Trustee’s Office where you pay your property taxes. Working at the Courthouse is what gave me the interest in selling Real Estate. When taking the Realtor course, I was already familiar with a lot of the material we were covering for the Realtor Exam. Also, with this experience if I do not know the answer to your question I know where to find the answer. I have helped several clients buy their first home and always enjoy the excitement they have when buying their first home or even upgrading from their starter home. I have been married almost 37 years to Larry Huddleston. We have two sons Jason and Tyler Huddleston that we have raised and sent to school here in Putnam County. Jason is married to the former Christie Julian and they have provided us with two wonderful grandchildren Riley & Brayden Huddleston I pledge to give you the courteous and efficient customer service you deserve. If you have a desire to sell your property or purchase additional property would you please give me a call? I want to be your Realtor and will work long hard hours. Selling Real Estate is a 24/7 job so please call me anytime.

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