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Mary Johnson

I believe that my clients MUST LOVE their new home! I will not try to sell you just any home in order to make a sale. Together we’ll find a home that you love, that’s right for you, and at the right price and best terms. It’s all about you!

I believe that you should sell your home for the highest possible price and best terms in the least amount of time and with minimum hassle. It’s all about you!

I believe that COMMUNICATION is key. I’ll return your phone calls, texts and emails promptly. It’s all about you!

You get MORE when you hire me. My knowledge of the area and local markets as a real estate agent in addition to my 27 years experience as a licensed architect is a unique bonus for you whether you’re buying or selling a home or commercial property.

When you’re deciding which agent to work with you’re actually hiring an agent to work for you. By accepting only a limited number of clients at a time I focus my full attention on my clients that I commit to serving. I hope you’ll hire me. I WANT to work for you. It’s all about you. That is my promise to you.


I assist you in visualizing and assessing the potential of a property to meet your needs. I listen carefully to your needs and wants in a home then ask key questions to pinpoint properties that will work best for you. I’ll scour many resources to find properties as well as seek out “pocket listings” that are not on the MLS. Part of my job when you hire me is to educate you on the process of buying a property so that you can make intelligent and informed decisions. This includes information on lenders, types of loans and what properties will qualify for the type of financing you will be getting. Negotiation is an important aspect of the process and I’ve had many years of experience in negotiating terms. I can recommend home inspectors and termite and other wood destroying insect inspectors. I work for you from the time you hire me through closing.


I will educate you on the process of selling your home so that you can make intelligent and informed decisions. I present your property in its best and highest use and provide suggestions that will show the property in the best light. Negotiating the best terms possible for you is my job. Terms will include, not only price, but negotiating repairs if any, closing date, occupancy agreements, etc. You will receive a weekly update on the progress of the sale of your home including numbers of showings, advertising, number of hits on the MLS, number of calls I’ve received, feedback from showings and more. A professional photographer will photograph your property and I will promote it through a Personalized Marketing Plan. I quickly respond to other realtors and potential Buyers who contact me with questions regarding your property, which is critical to getting your property sold. I work for you from the time you hire me through closing.


As a licensed architect I was regularly hired to perform searches for and evaluate properties for commercial and industrial clients. I can assemble teams of engineers, with whom I have worked with in the past, to evaluate and perform due diligence on raw land or existing buildings. I am knowledgeable regarding technical aspects of buildings and building codes. This expertise is invaluable to someone considering a large, commercial or industrial investment. Imagine being able to search for buildings with an architect at your side.

I moved here from Florida 13 years ago to marry the love of my life, Jon Johnson. I live in White Co. on the Caney Fork River. Another passion I have is love of animals. I offer to pay full adoption fee and initial vaccinations for the adoption of a pet from a local animal shelter or rescue upon the purchase of a property. I love the Upper Cumberland and am knowledgeable about the areas and markets in the surrounding counties.

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